The Gospel

Gospel by shaping













This is a very basic story in the Bible. It starts with the miraculous birth of Jesus. With all the challenges (moving from place to place to avay from Herold and finally giving birth in a manger) faced by the parents, the process not a smooth one hence a curve. He stayed on earth until when He was 30 before He was persecuted by Humans to be killed(that also a very rough process). On the third day He arose, met His disciples and then ascended into heaven. His return is unknown till date.


4 thoughts on “The Gospel

  1. Good work here and adding an image to the post is good learning. Hatchet Jack thinks good blog posts have an image or two and some links that go to places referenced in the post. The @cogdog is a master blogger and a good role model.

    Good to have you in our bunkouse and see you around camp!

  2. I agree with Alan — I’m really interested in the notion of using this assignment as a way to weave together the paths and fortunes of different characters. I love thinking about the visual dance/interplay this would create.

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